Violence, Impunity, and Free Trade Resources

Colombia Background Material

Violence Against Unionists: Facts vs. Myth Graphics This one-page sheet (updated June 2011) is a simple handout that shows that violence against trade unionists has not declined in Colombia in the past four years, and that impunity continues unabated.

USLEAP Fact Sheet: Violence Against Trade Unionists in Colombia

A 2-page fact sheet outlining recent violence in Colombia against trade unionists (updated June 2011).

USLEAP Talking Points on the Colombia FTA

A document outlining arguments against a U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (updated April 2010).

USLEAP 2009 Impunity Report on Colombia

A December 2010 analysis of the Colombian government's 2009 rulings on homicide cases of unionists. You can read USLEAP's Impunity Report on 2008 and 2007 rulings as well.

USLEAP Blog: Charts, Marketing 101, and the Colombian FTA

A blog post submitted to Labor is Not a Commodity! analyzing violence against trade unionists in graph form (June 2010).

Escuela Nacional Sindical (ENS) Report on Trade Union Violence and Impunity

The ENS (National Labor School) is an independent Colombian NGO frequently referenced by the US government.  Death Isn't Mute is a November 2009 report on the violations to life, freedom and integrity of trade unionists in Colombia during 2008 and the issues of impunity from 1986-2009.

USLEAP Analysis of Uribe's Progress on Violence and Impunity

A critique of the Uribe government in addressing violence against trade unionists and impunity (updated December 2010).

AFL-CIO Web Page on Colombia Free Trade Agreement

This page contains a variety of fact sheets, news articles, and a video on violence and impunity in Colombia.

"Workers' Rights, Violence and Impunity in Colombia," a January 2008 20-page report by the AFL-CIO that represents a recent overview of worker rights in Colombia.

"Justice for All: The Struggle for Worker Rights in Colombia" was released by the AFL-CIO on June 15, 2006. Authored chiefly by USLEAP staff person Robert Perillo, the report provides a detailed critique of worker rights violations in Colombia and U.S. policy towards the Andean country. The report and press coverage of its release highlighted Colombia's continuing status as the most dangerous country in the world to be a trade unionist as well as the near-total impunity under which only 1% of murderers are brought to justice.

The report, produced by the AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center, received media coverage in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Voice of America and a number of Spanish-language media. The report is available on the AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center website and upon request from USLEAP.

The USLEAP Trade Resources Page has several resources specific to the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, as well as materials on other trade agreements.

Guatemala Background Material

Background Information: Violence Against Trade Unionists in Guatemala

A short overview of the rise in violence against trade unionists in Guatemala.

Murder and Impunity of Guatemalan Trade Unionists

A November 2010 fact sheet summarizing violence in Guatemala against trade unionists.

Labor Protections and CAFTA

 A fact sheet on labor protections in the Dominican-Republic Central American Free Trade Agreement (updated November 2010).

Guatemalan Labor, Indigenous, and Campesino Movement (MSICG) Report

The MSICG published a report entitled "The Cost of Worker Rights, 2005-2010" that offers the most holistic portrait of labor rights violence in Guatemala.

The Organization for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders (UDEFEGUA) Report

UDEFEGUA released its mid-year report on the challenges facing human rights defenders in Guatemala in 2009.

Justice for All: The Struggle for Worker Rights in Guatemala (2008)

A booklet produced by the AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center, authored chiefly by then-USLEAP staff person Bob Perillo, providing a comprehensive overview of the worker rights situation in Guatemala.

Honduras Background Material

See Honduran Labor Resistance.


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Worker Rights and Unions

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